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Killer Joe

Killer Joe

Release Date: Jul 27, 2012

Genre: ComedyDrama

Rating: (NC-17)

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    I thought that this film was alright and you might even want to see it in the theaters. What i liked the most about this film were the characters, they were all so different and diverse and I hated them and loved them all at the same time. It is a very violent film and if you do not like that I suggest you skip this movie but if you are not too squeamish you will have a pretty good time watching this movie. The film has so many entertaining moments and it also pretty insane, especially in the end. I am not a fan of Matthew McConaughey but I do have to admit that he gave a good performance in this film and I was genuinely surprised.
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    Well this one's a weird one, that's for sure! Imagine your mom steals six grand worth of drugs from you and then you have to cough up the money or be you decide that you will "off" your mother and cash in her life insurance policy for 50 grand. But you won't be the one who does the offing, it's a hired assassin named Killer Joe who wants a upfront fee of 25 grand...which you don't have so he says he wants your sister who's still in her teens...and you say "ok"! This is the fascinatingly bizarre story at the heart of Killer Joe, which is both fun and odd, it works and it fails, but it still makes for an interesting viewing experience. I think the best thing about it is the way the characters interact. They're a weird bunch, but they deserve each other even though it's clear that they don't give a flip about what happens to the others. It's a tragedy wrapped in a big, ironic chuckle.
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    Ummm...yeah...ok...dunno how to start with what I want to say here except that my nerves were totally on disgusted edge as I watched this. At first I thought it was supposed to be a comedy because the main character is a cop who kills people for the right price (I know, hilarious!) But then as the movie went on and it became about this old perv setting his sights on a young girl whose virginity he wants to use as collateral, I was so utterly creeped out I wanted to slap the screen! The whole drug thing was kind of interesting, but since it becomes about how the women in one family are either thieving drug smugglers or naive virgins, I just couldn't stomach this. It all felt so retro - women being hunted and held for sexual ransom because of the men in their lives...really, in 2012? The acting is good and I was surprised at Matthew McConaughey taking on this role but I still can't get past how moronic the women in this story were made out to be. No thanks!
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    I have to admit that this movie kinda shocked me - I was not expecting to like it AT ALL. Matthew McConaughey is usually only known for having an aversion to keeping his shirt on. At least that's what I think of when I see him. But in this movie he not only keeps his shirt on (mostly), he also really acts for the first time I can remember. He plays a cop who also kills people on the side for the right price (yup) and when he is contacted by a young guy whose mom has run off with six grand worth of illegal drugs, he decides to help the poor kid who will be offed if he doesn't get the money. The only way for him to get the money is to kill his mother who has a large life insurance policy. Only problem is Killer Joe has a large advance fee that has to be paid before he'll kill the mother. The guy can't afford it . . . so Killer Joe says he will take the guy's teen sister's virginity as collateral.
    It's a crazy, off the wall story, but I really bought into it because the whole cast seems to also have bought into it. You don't even have to suspend disbelief to enjoy it. It's violent, yes, but also really fascinating. One of the best movies this year!
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    I though this movie was pretty amazing until the part when Killer Joe decides that what he really wants to is to take the virginity of a teenage girl. It's pretty creepy in a sense because the man is like 40-50 years old and he's fixated on a teen. I thought it was odd that he would try this...but then I guess a cop who moonlights as a hired assassin wouldn't have the best sense of morals in the world. McConaughey is really good in his part and he totally plays against type. I usually don't like him that much (I still can't shake the horror of "Failure to Launch" out of my head) but he's really believable in this role. I also really like the rest of the cast, especially Juno Temple who plays the teenage girl. She doesn't play the part at all like a victim, which is refreshing and which makes you able to watch the movie that much more. It's hard to believe that this story could be true, but anything that involves drugs usually is.
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    2012 has been dubbed "The Year of Channing Tatum" thanks to his three back-to-back-to-back hits at the box office. But it's also been a good year for one Mr. Matthew McConaughey who, whether by choice or by age, has grown up as an actor. After his surprisingly refreshed performance in Magic Mike, he startles in the title role of Killer Joe, the new film from William Friedkin.
    McConaughey plays the title role as police detective Joe by day and killer-for-hire Killer Joe by night. His services are needed by a desperate young man named Chris (Emile Hirsch) whose mother has run off with a stash of drugs worth $6,000. If Chris can't cover the money, he's dead. The good news is that his mother is covered by a hefty insurance policy, so all he needs to do now is to off his mother. Enter Killer Joe, the hired assassin, who will gladly hunt down your mother and kill her for a fixed fee . . . that has to be paid upfront. Chris can't afford the killer's services, so he makes an offer: Killer Joe will search out and murder Chris's mother for collateral: the sexual virginity of Dottie (Juno Temple), Chris's younger sister.
    This is not really an action movie though the trailers would have you thinking otherwise. It's quite serious and often times dour - and sometimes you actually want the movie to pick up pace after what seems like endless moments of the characters trading hateful stares. What saves the movie from itself is the star turn put in by McConaughey, playing against type here as a man who is perverse to his core: not only will he murder the innocent for a price despite his sworn oath to serve and protect the community, but he make demands on a young girl's sexuality and body as though it is a thing to be bartered with. It's heinous and regressive, sure, but it's also a fascinating character portrait of a man who serve no law but his own. His undoing comes at a very heavy price, but you'll be shocked to learn just what motivates him.

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