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Release Date: Aug 29, 2012

Genre: DramaSuspense/Thriller

Rating: (R)

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    I thought his film was alright but I do not think it is worth seeing in the theaters. I had high hopes for this film especially when I saw that it was directed by John Hillcoat and written by Nick Cave, but I was kind of disappointed. The film looked good and the story seem to be good, the actors were great and there were enough life and death situations to get the audience excited. However I was not engaged in this film at all and I could tell that other people were not that interested either. The film seemed to be going nowhere and eventually it became completely pointless (at least it looked that way to me). I also found the film to be extremely violent and bloody and I can’t stomach that.
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    Really enjoyed this movie Shia LaBeouf did
    a great job. The movie was more graphic than I expected,but the flow of the movie and storyline was great.
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    Beautiful cinematography. Great costumes and makeup. Horrible direction and perhaps that is due to a horrible screen play. There are too many scenes where there is horrible violence without believable motivation. The "heroes" of this piece were Hillbillies, but they couldn't have been as stupid and crude as depicted in this waste of effort called a movie. I recommend you pass on this one.
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    I did not enjoy watching this film and do not recommend seeing it in the theaters. I bet this movie will find its audience but it was way too gruesome and bloody for my taste and I am not ok with watching all that violence on the big screen. I do have to say that the film was very well made and it looked great visually, I also liked most of the performances but there was not enough of character development in this film so I did not really care what will happen to most of the characters. I also found this film to be a bit stiff and stuffy and by the end of it I was really tired of watching it. Overall, it was not my type of film but some people might absolutely love it.
  • 4
    I thought this film was quite good and I recommend seeing it in the theaters. The film was very well made and brilliantly acted and I liked the story and the characters in this film. The film is pretty gruesome so if you have weak nerves I do not suggest seeing it. It is also very compelling and it will reel you in and it will not let you go till the very end. It is a gangster film and I am a big fan of those, so If you like these types of films as well I can pretty much guarantee you a good time.
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    Lawless reminded me of Gangs of New York: it's basically the same story except instead of one underling there are three brothers at the center of the story who get involved with illegal gangs and activities that threaten to undo their livelihood. They are bootleggers who sell alcohol to eager customers on the DL during Prohibition in Virginia. But the movie gets way too violent much too often. It seems as though the director and writer thought that since they didn't have much substance to rely on in terms of the story or their characters that they just inserted as many fights and knife fights as possible. This is one of those movies that will leave you flinching constantly, especially if you have a sensitivity to violence (as I most definitely do). I would only recommend this to adults and those who have kids over 18. It's pretty gruesome and it can make your stomach turn - it also makes you give thanks that we live in a law abiding society.
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    Is it me, or was this movie totally lifeless? In fact, instead of Lawless, it should have been called Lifeless, because it feels so dull and dreary most of the time. The three brothers who think they're invincible because they do all sorts of illegal things and never get caught or hurt seem to live in a bubble and they never really explain how and why they end up doing what they do. Is it because it's just the pre-Depression era America where industries were still blossoming? Why are they so involved with the underworld? Nothing really gets explained in this movie so I have no choice but to guess what happens and why. The characters are all cardboard cutouts without any depth or backstory, which is disappointing considering that this is based on a true story. They don't even have to make it up, just tell the real story! Why they failed to recognize this is the main reason this movie is such a drab.
  • 5
    "Lawless" is AMAZING! I was so totally blown away by how raw and awesome it was, almost as great as "The Road" which I just saw a few weeks ago when I knew I was going to see this movie with Shia LeBouf and Jessica Chastain. Ok, JC doesn't have the best role in her career in this (she's just window dressing) but Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hardy have some amazing roles and they really play them to the hilt. The oldest brother (played by an actor whose name I can't remember) is okay, but he just kind of stands there while the younger two do a lot more of the dangerous bad guy stuff. The action scenes were very gritty and raw, which lent the whole thing an air of reality that I totally dug. Shia LeBouf recently said he's done making big budget studio movies, and this movie shows why: the smaller, more unusual stories are far superior to movies like "Transformers".
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    My boys were dying to see this movie because it stars their favorite young actor Shia LeBouf from those Transformers movies they absolutely adore. I warned them that it wasn't a comic caper but they insisted that I take them so I did...I think I enjoyed the movie more than they did, ha ha. The movie is about a real life trio of brothers that did all sorts of illegal things during the Prohibition era which got them in more trouble than can be imagined. I didn't care for how violent some of the scenes were (it gets pretty gruesome in certain parts) but I was totally bowled over by the bond between the three brothers. That old saying that blood is thicker than water is definitely true in this movie, and I hope that if nothing else, my boys were able to see how strong family bonds can be. Shia LeBouf is good in it, but Tom Hardy steals the show. I will definitely be getting teh DVD when it releases.
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    Inspired by the true life story of the Bondurant Brothers of the 1930s in Virginia, Lawless is one of those peculiar movies with an A-list pedigree but which emerges as a decidedly B-grade movie product. Essentially, it tells the tale of three brothers thicker than thieves who are also smalltime thieves with bigtime plans. They are bootleggers, providing their customer base with moonshine and other illegal assorted “goods”, which brings them into conflict with the seedy underworld of Prohibition Era America (yes, boys and girls, it was once illegal to drink alcohol in this, the Greatest Nation on Earth).
    The movie can’t decide if it’s about the bond between the brothers (played by Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clark) or if it’s a historical semi-epic, which in the hands of a better director wouldn’t have been an issue (remember The King’s Speech?). Director John Hillcoat has a tendency to make overwrouyght movies that inevitably get caught taking themselves too seriously or in too many directions, which dilutes the overall quality of the final product. He is, you will recall, responsible for the sorta-great but sorta awful movies like The Proposition and The Road. Clearly, he feels an affinity for the classic Western (though technically Lawless is set on the East coast).
    The oddest thing about this movie is that Jessica Chastain agreed to the role of Maggie. For an actress who’s been heralded as “the Next Meryl Streep”, this role is definitely a letdown considering she’s executing a purely ornamental role that requires nothing of her but to be coquettish and pretty. Mia Wasikowska, on the other hand, makes her brief role as Bertha Minnix infinitely more interesting because she isn’t burdened with the need to be “pretty”. If only the director knew how to make his female characters more interesting.

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